Kruve - Imagine Milk Glass 200ml - Set of two

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Brand: Kruve
EAN/GTIN/barcode: 0734896257162
Tamper Size: KVQ1030-200
Size: 200ml
Package: 2 pcs
Material: Glass

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Kruve is a company that revolutionizes the world of coffee. It searches for new and innovative solutions, which allow you to get from the brew all of its best. The set of two glasses will take your breath away with its futuristic design and extraordinary features. Imagne Glass was optimized for milk art - the 200ml version especially for cappuccino. The spherical inner design maintains a consistent surface area. This allows you to set the base and pour the most epic latte art without any distortion. Yet, it works great for black coffee too. Double-walls keep the temperature of the beverage, yet they stay cool to the touch. Clear glass, from which it was made, allows you to see the colour of the brew and its texture. With this product, Kruve once again takes the coffee world to a higher level! 

Product Description

Additional features: 

- material: hand-blown borosilicate glass, 

- practical capacity: 200 ml (6.5 oz), 

- height: 76 mm, 

- width: 104 mm, 

- dishwasher safe. 

Product Attributes 

Brand: Kruve 

Material: glass 

Capacity: 200 ml 


Diameter: 10,4 cm

There is epoxy closing the small hole on the outside of your imagine glass. In some cases this epoxy gets loose. This is usually the case when using high temperature dishwasher programs with aggressive detergent. Especially when the detergent isn't properly rinsed the contact time gets too long. If that happens there will be an open hole where water can enter and leave mineral stains after it dried out.

We always recommend hand wash and milk cleaner for such glasses. If you use a dishwasher we reccomend to make sure that the glass is properly rinsed from detergent and glasscare or low temperature program is used. 

Do reach out to us if you have any questions about your cleaning routine when it comes to imagine glasses.