KYOTO - Cold Brew Coffee Tonic 275ml

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Brand: Kyoto
Size: 275ml
Package: glass bottle

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A bottle of 275 ml cold brew from Polish KYOTO Coffee Roasters . Cold brew is a high-quality cold macerated coffee - thanks to this method of preparation, the beverage has all the benefits of coffee, is gentler to the digestive system and contains a solid dose of caffeine, without artificial additives.

Product Description

Bitter lemon drink based on an original recipe using only natural ingredients. Based on coffee from the Mabanza province in Rwanda, which releases citrus and caramel notes during maceration.

Ingredients: sparkling water, tonic (including quinine); coffee beans (100% Arabica), citric acid.

Store in a temperature between  2 - 8℃, pasteurized.

Product Attributes

Expiration date:17.09.2024
Package:275 ml