Lighttells MD-500 & CM-200 Combo

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Brand: Lighttells

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bg-lightgrey col-md pr-md-5 text-left mb-3 mt-5 The Lighttells MD-500 is a capacitance based Moisture and Density Analyzer. It supports cherry, parchment, green beans and roasted beans measurement. Compact form factor design allows you to carry it everywhere you need for measuring moisture and density. MD-500 is necessities to coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters. bg-lightgrey pt-2 pb-5 bg-white col-lg p-4 _word col-4 mb-2Accuracy col-8± 0.5% for moisture content and 1.2g/L for density _word col-4 mb-2Repeatability col-80.20% for moisture content _word col-4 mb-2Measurement Range col-81 to 40% mc depends on bean types _word col-4 mb-2Operating environment col-85 to 40 °C _word col-4 mb-2Dimensions (main unit) col-8212(L) * 150(W) * 202(H) mm _word col-4 mb-2Dimensions (funnel) col-8139(D) * 90(H) mm _word col-4 mb-2Weight (main unit) col-81050 g or 2.3 lb _word col-4 mb-2Power supply col-8 ● Power adapter: 110V/220V to 5V ● 2.3.7V/2300 mAh Lithium battery _word col-4 mb-2Charging time(0% to 100%) col-86.5 hours _word col-4 mb-2Working hour col-820 hours continuous working per fully charge _word col-4 mb-2Sample cell col-8250ml Volume, 50 – 240g _word col-4 mb-2Data output to PC col-8micro USB cable