Mount Everest Tea Sachets S - Small (100pcs)

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Brand: Mount Everest
Color: White
Country: Germany
Package: 100 pcs
Material: Paper

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high quality tea filter with high flap for easy filling to be used without holder with bottom fold also for ice tea! 

Paper filter for leaf tea is a great way to create your own favorite tea composition.

Product Description

Practical sachet allows dosing tea according to our needs. The filter is made of a pulp of a high-quality cellulose tree. Such material guarantees high mechanical resistance and neutrality of flavour when brewing tea. Thanks to a sachet of appropriate height it is easy to get it out even from a tall mug after brewing. 

Made in Gemany

Size: 15.3 cm x 7.5 cm 

Packaging: 100 pieces 

Product attributes 

EAN13: 4013945360234 

Brand: Mount Everest Tea 

Package: 100 pieces 

Height: 15,3 cm 

Depth: 7,5 cm