Mount Everest Tea - Tea filters - tongs 6.5 cm

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    If you love delicious leaf teas but leaves and stalks in the mug annoy you, our tea filter is just something you need. It helps release full flavour and aroma and does not leave any leaves in a cup. It is made of stainless steel. Product description The filters are to prepare a cup of perfect tea. Put your favourite leaf tea in the tea filter and place it in a cup of hot water. The filter allows leaves to circulate and to release real flavour. The basket can be easily opened using one hand. By pressing a handle which is also a grip both halves of the basket open and you can scoop some tea. It is a very clever and functional solution. Perfect filter for leaf teas. Dishwasher friendly. Diameter of the basket: 6.5 cm Product attributes EAN13: 4013945361026 Brand: Mount Everest Tea Diameter: 6,5 cm