Nicaragua CoE Finca Buena Vista, Germán Odorico Cortéz

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    Nicaragua, Jinotega, Cerro de Agua  1200 meters Finca Buena Vista, Germán Odorico Cortéz Washed Parainema Cup of Excellence 2020 number #9 scoring 88.1 points Flavor/Aroma: Orange, Yellow Raisin, Molasses, Toffee, Dark Berries, Malt, Wild Berries, Mango, Creamy, Plum, Grape, Green Apple, Stone Fruits, Cheery, Nut Chocolate, Red Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Grape Acidity: Citric, Orange Acidity, Lemon, Juicy, Complex, Malic Citric, Bright , Tartaric, Citric Syrupy Mouthfeel, Elegant, Process Notes, Long Finish, Creamy, Improved, Long Aftertaste, Syrupy Germán Odorico Cortéz: For 8 years I have dedicated to the cultivation and management of coffee, accumulating a lot of experience in each of the coffee process, by studying and working.  I have dedicated to the cultivation of coffee as the main activity, after having learned coffee growing since childhood, with the support and love of my family. The varieties of coffee grown on the farm come from other nearby farms with good agricultural practices. To preserve the quality of the coffee on my farm, we apply: a- Agronomic management b- Skilled labor for cutting and processing the coffee c- Permanent cleaning baskets, bags, machinery, washing and others d- Floating grape coffee e- Regulation of pulping machines f- Adequate fermentation time g- Washing with clean water and filter h- Airing in boxes and checking for imperfect grains before going to dry mill. For home roasters, sample roasting, training, etc. For bigger amounts please contact us. Don't have a coffee roaster?! Contact us for rent a roaster or order roasted coffee. After your order we will send you an invoice including shipping costs.