Papua New Guinea Elimbari - Washed (750gr)

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    For home roasters, sample roasting, training, etc. For bigger amounts please contact us. Don’t have a coffee roaster?! Contact us to rent a roaster or order roasted coffee. After your order we will send you an invoice including shipping costs. Elimbari Plantation A Washed Typica and Bourbon 1500-1950 MASL Chuava district, Simbu farm, Kundiawa notes: Appel, orange and mandarin ELIMBARI SPECIALTY COFFEE Named after the highest picturesque mountain in the Chuave region of Simbu Province,  Elimbari Specialty Coffee represents the finest and most successful smallholder coffee ever to be produced from Papua New Guinea. This superior quality coffee was developed over a number of years in consultation with reputable international coffee experts and has been successfully marketed overseas as a top class Specialty Coffee. This coffee is sought after by very reputable international specialty coffee roasters and coffee connoisseurs. The very unique and special quality of this coffee has been achieved through our own involvements with our farmers in the production of this coffee at all stages – from cherry picking to pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, storing, milling, roasting, and the final sealing of this packet. Elimbari Specialty Coffee producers are well trained and are about the only coffee producers in Papua New Guinea who have been receiving the highest premium prices for a number of years! We are proud to offer you this very special coffee and are confident that you will enjoy every cup of your Elimbari Specialty Coffee.