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    WCR Sensory Lexicon Remarks The sweet, brown aromatic associated with spices such as cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice. FlavorActiV Sensory Terms 4-vinyl guaiacol (4-VG) Spicy Herbal Clove-like Cause of Flavour In alcoholic beverages - primarily beer - phenolic is imparted by specific yeasts during fermentation. This can either be by design or by accidents. Certain wheat beer styles use yeasts that are designed to produced very phenolic flavoured beer. This is a desirable flavour and part of the brand profile. For beers that don't require a phenolic heavy brand profile the presence of this flavour indicates wild yeasts that have contaminated the brewing process. This flavour can also occur in all beverages due to hygiene related issues - bacteria can impart this flavour into raw materials, dispensing and processing equipment. FlavorActiV refer to WCR/SCA Brown Spice as Phenolic card__header