Rhino Coffee Gear Pro Coffee Cupping Bowl

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Brand: Rhino Coffee Gear
EAN: 0799439509733
Material: Ceramic
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: RWCUPBK

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Coffee Cupping Bowls are the perfect vessel if you want taste lots of different coffees or compare roast profiles. Used by Roasters primarily but can be used by anyone who wants to taste different coffees side by side. To further improve the cupping bowl we have had the inside of the painted black. This prevents light bouncing from inside the coffee and nullifying any visual que you may get from this. This focuses your cupping on taste only and eliminates clarity as a bias. 

These are SCA approved size of 210ml/7.5oz. Stackable and dishwasher safe. The ability to compare different coffees side-by-side is crucial in the world of premium Arabica.  When roasters and producers make small changes in their methods, they need to be able to see what effect this might have on the final drink.  The same is true of the people who ultimately drink the taste is essential.  That’s why Rhinowares have designed this specialist cupping bowl.  It’s designed not just for enjoying "coffee" (though it’ll allow you to do that just as well as any cup) but for analysing it. The interior of the bowl has been painted black in order to prevent the transparency of the brew from influencing its apparent colour.  This facilitates side-by-side comparisons, which will be less likely to be influenced by visual ques – you’ll be instead focussed solely on the taste and smell of the coffee. This cupping bowl comes with an 88mm diameter and is able to hold up to 210ml of your coffee-of-choice. It’s built from high-quality, heat-retaining ceramics.  If you’re serious about comparing different coffees, then this is the perfect item with which to do so! 

The only disadvantage is that if you stack more then 3 bowls they become a bit whobly, so be careful!

Rhino Coffee Gear has designed a cupping bowl that has black on the inside of the cup as opposed to the normal white.
These bowls will help you focus less on the color and clarity of the roast and focus more on the flavor and aroma.

- Meets requirements for SCA Volume Standards
- High-quality ceramic, which retains heat
- Pairs perfectly with the professional Rhino Cupping Spoon
- 88 mm internal diameter (3.46")
- 220ml Capacity (7.43 fl oz)
- Curved internal base
- Each bowl comes Individually boxed