Rhino Accutemp Milk Thermometer

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Brand: Rhino Coffee Gear

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A thermometer for milk frothing jugs in the form of a sticker. Colorful boxes change color under the influence of temperature. It is fast, easy-to-read and durable! The Rhinowares Accutemp thermometer is a stick-on thermometer that will help you achieve perfect results every time! The Accutemp uses Liquid Crystal indicators which turn from green to black as you steam and heat your milk. The Accutemp is lightning fast and doesn't get in your way like a traditional thermometer. Its much more hygienic. 

Place the Accutemp thermometer on the side of the jug that faces you as you steam milk. Also, place as low as you can so the Accutemp is under the level of your milk on a typical serve. Highly durable and dishwasher proof. Perfect add-on for our Rhinowares range of Pro, Classic and Stealth milk pitchers.