Hario - Shizuku Slow Drip Brewer

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    A scientific experiment or perhaps the latest innovation from Hario for cold coffee brewing? Hario Shizuku is a unique way for efficient and even more subtle brewing of full-bodied coffee with one of a kind aroma. Your coffee brewed using this method is dense, free of bitterness but with distinctive flavour. 

    Product Description 

    Features and functionality of Hario Cold Water Dripper: 

    - Full body and aroma - obtained by slow dripping of water through ground coffee beans. Making coffee with cold water preserves the qualities and flavours of your coffee without bitter acids and oils. 

    - Metal strainer provides the right water flow and clear coffee. You ca brew up to 600ml of coffee at a time. 

    - Visual effect - the device that resembles chemical instruments catches the eye of everyone who loves good design. 

    Product Attributes 

    EAN13: 4977642163263 

    Brand: Hario 

    Capacity: 600 ml 

    Height: 35,6 cm 

    Diameter: 11,6 cm