Hario Switch V60-03 Immersion Dripper with paper filters (40x)

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Brand: Hario
EAN: 4977642528789
Size: 360ml
Material: Glass
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: SSD-360-B

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V60 brewing is all about freedom. Unlike traditional V60 drippers with which coffee is extracted through the constant pouring of hot water, the V60 Immersion Dripper "Switch" 03 Size is specifically made for immersion extraction. The metal ball placed at the base of the dripper blocks water from flowing through. Pour hot water and let it extract for your desired length. 

Then, with the push of a button, the coffee flows down into the coffee server or cup, allowing for easy, even coffee extraction. 

The CoffeeNose is a Switch fan and has some tips about how to get most out of your switch:

1. The switch rubber base is interchangeable with the glass dripper. That means you can use 01, 02 and 03 size glass with the same base. Also in case the glass breaks you just order a (cheaper) regular glass V60. 

2.Switch is great to rinse the paper filter, make it stick nicely to the sides and pre-heat the brewer. Just keep the valve closed and pour hot water in. No need to fill it to the top (save energy and water) as the paper will get wet through capiliar activity. 

3.Use the 01 paper filter in the 02 Switch and the 02 paper filter in the 03 Switch. This way the paper doesn't stick out and the heat in the brew bed gets better retained. The Switch also works with the Able V60 filter.

4. You can use the Switch as regular V60 (leave the valve ball open). You can close the valve during wetting phase (what is often reffered to as blooming). Pour twice the amound of water in ml as the amount of ground coffee in grams. After 10-40 seconds you can release the valve and brew as a regular V60. It is also possible to continue with a second pour in the full immersion mode (valve closed). This way you can extract more and you catch the acidity from the first drain. 

5. If you truly want to #extractmorewiththecoffeenose you should get yourself some Sibarist FAST (competition) filters. Due to it's fast flow rate you can grind finer and extract more. Look for our combo Switch + FAST filters.


COLOUR: Black 

SIZE: W136 × D136 × H152 

CAPACITY: Finished capacity 360ml 

WEIGHT (Incl. box): approx. 700g 


Dripper: Heatproof glass 

Base: Silicone rubber 

Switch: PCT resin 

Ball: Stainless steel