Timemore - Black Mirror Nano Coffee Scale

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Brand: Timemore
Color: Black

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Timemore Black Mirror Nano is a modern electronic scale designed for both espresso and pour-over brewing. Great for home baristas as well as for professionals working in busy coffee spots. Among its advantages, you can name the time and weight control, flow-rate display, and cable charging.

Design: Minimalist, elegant, and modern, with high-quality material and attention to every detail. The body is made of smooth, matte black aluminum. The buttons are located on the sides of the scale. Timemore Nano is equipped with an angled front display, which makes it asy to read when using a large vessel on the weighing platform.

The dimensions (100mm x 115mm x 20mm; weighing platformi: 100mm x 100mm) are perfect for pour-over brewing methods. It fits in the drip trays, or you can easily put a portafilter, a Chemex, a server with a dripper, or an AeroPress on it. It's also portable - it weighs only 230g.
Features: The time and weight are displayed on the LCD screen. Timemore Nano also shows live flow-rate - you can display it interchargeably with the timer. 0.1g accuracy and the maximum capacity of 2000g allows you to use it with various coffee brewing devices. 

Timemore Nano has three modes:
- manual - starting timer and taring mannually.
- auto timer- for pour-over brewing methods. One press of the timer button will start a 3,2,1 countdown for you to start brewing and the timer begins automatically.
- espresso - auto taring starts once there is a cup are on the scale. As soon as the scale senses there's liquid in the cup the timer starts..
Other: USB-C charging is another advantage of the scale. It eliminates the problem of batteries. he battery display shows the status of the battery. The device turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.
The box includes: - Timemore Black Mirror Nano
- USB-C cable
- Silicon pad

Product attributes
EAN13: 6959493501812
Brand: Timemore
Colour: black
Width: 10 cm
Height: 2 cm
Depth: 11,5 cm