TwistGrain Pro Coffee & Cocoa Moisture Content Meter

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Brand: twistgrain, Draminsky
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Power: 4x AA, 1,5V alkaline batteries

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Why choose Twistgrain pro coffee & cocoa?

Ambient factors such as humidity, excess air, light and temperature signigicantly affect flavour, aroma and shelf life of coffee and cocoa.

Coffee samples contain aromatic oils which are neutralised by exposure to insufficient or excessive temperature. In addition, a temperature change from very low to positive exposes the material to negative moisture effect (condensation effect).

This results in neutralization or reduction of flavourings contained in the coffee, thus reducing its quality.

The coffee and cocoa moisture tester precisely and quickly evaluates the condition of a tested material. This will ensure adequate security of stocks and avoid financial losses.

Twistgrain pro coffee & cocoa moisture tester guarantees the highest product quality. Coffee and cocoa importers and exporters, coffee roasting plants, coffee shops, cafés and baristas will appreciate the moisture tester in their daily work. Especially during production, processing, storage and transport.

The device is used at every stage of coffee and cocoa production, such as:

  • during the parchment coffee drying process
  • during the green coffee drying and storage
  • during roasting and storage of ground coffee


The key assets of the device




Devices such as roasters usually measure the moisture and “colour” of roasted coffee (the colour ranges from light to dark). This allows controlling the roasting process. The actual moisture measurement is intuitive and fast.




We are a reputable European manufacturer of high quality electronic devices. We grant 3-year warranty on our detector. The device does not require periodic calibration checks.

We have two extremely demanding Quality Management System certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 – confirmed by our professionalism and the highest quality products.


The coffee and cocoa moisture tester is equipped with two user-friendly operating modes, which can be changed at any time from the menu:

Standard – enables quick and accurate moisture measurement (intuitive and very convenient feature even for novice users).

Advanced – enables many additional features for even the most demanding customers. The advanced mode allows storing the results of a coffee or cocoa sample moisture and temperature with the actual date and time of measurement, transmitting data to a computer, measuring temperature by connecting an external temperature probe and many other options.


Four frequencies provide more stable measurement, less susceptible result to atypical samples, less risk of indication spikes and high level of repeatability. Measure moisture instantly with an accuracy of ±0.5%. Precision is also a trait of baristas, who will appreciate this feature in their daily work especially when selecting a coffee intended for brewing.

Temperature of a sample also plays an important role in the test, so to accurately determine it, the TG pro coffee & cocoa has a digital temperature sensor in the test chamber, making the result extremely precise (accuracy of ±0.5°C). The coffee and cocoa moisture tester has an automatic temperature compensation feature.

It is worth noting that the DRAMIŃSKI S.A. devices do not require periodic calibration servicing.


No additional tools nor special surface are needed to fill the test chamber. Simply draw a coffee or cocoa sample with the device, scrape off the excess to the chamber edge and tighten the nut.

When tightening the nut, a beep will signal the correct compression of the tested material and all this while comfortably holding the device in hands (tightening the nut does not require much force, so it is not tiring even after many measurements).


A very large graphic display with LED backlighting enables reading the result in all conditions. The menu allows adjusting the display settings: backlight time, backlight intensity and contrast.


The TG pro coffee & cocoa tester has a real-time clock, which combined with a powerful memory, gives the ability to save 50,000 sample moisture and temperature measurement results from an external probe (with date and time).

The memory allows expanding the list by new varieties of coffee and cocoa and has 20 language versions, making it an extremely useful and versatile working tool for any barista or businessman working in the coffee or cocoa production or transport on a daily basis.


The TGpro Coffee&Cocoa moisture meter comes with free, multi-language software for data transfer to PCs.

The software generates Excel sheets and measurement reports (by species and by measurement date), presents the moisture changes in time on the graphs, filters the results by date, allows browsing the stored data, has archiving functionality limited only by the hard disc capacity, saves the documents as PDFs, prints, and has many other useful functions.


For convenient use, the TG pro coffee & cocoa display allows reading the full name of a variety without having to use abbreviations or symbols (a long name scrolls automatically on the display).


DRAMIŃSKI observes the dynamically changing coffee market, including trends in the blending of varieties and in the cultivation of new coffee species in different parts of the world.

Would you like to test the moisture of a new variety that you do not have in your piece? Contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

How to add a new species?

Just select the “Add species” option in the menu and then enter a special code (the code provided by our representative), which permanently activates the necessary calibration on the list in the device.

Thanks to such innovative solutions, a user, in a few minutes without leaving the house or sending the device back to the service, can enrich the device with a new variety measurement option or, for example, deactivate the varieties on the list which are to be removed. For more information, please contact us.


An external temperature probe can be ordered for the TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture meter.

The device works with unlimited number of probes of different construction and length (without the need to calibrate the probe with the device). Each connected probe can be named accordingly (the device memory allows storing names for 20 probes).

A folder with collected measurements is created after saving a probe name in the device memory and then sent to a computer for analysis, generating reports, archiving, etc. After connecting the probe, the device automatically recognizes it and displays the name.

High quality stainless steel provides adequate strength (including corrosion resistance). The device memory can store 50,000 temperature measurements with date and time.



The instant moisture and temperature evaluation allows managing coffee and cocoa production at every stage of the process and will shortly translate into a profit growth.



The DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture tester is equipped with a durable mini USB port. It allows connecting an external temperature probe, transfering data to a computer and updating the software and moisture curves. This makes DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture tester unexcelled!



TG pro coffee & cocoa tester has 4 buttons on the keyboard providing comfortable and easy operation (OK button confirms, ESC button cancels, arrows ↑↓ provide intuitive MENU navigation).

TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture meter offers many user-friendly menu options:

  • select the number of measurements to calculate the moisture content mean,
  • save results from a single measurement or from a calculated mean,
  • optionally modify the indications for each variety separately (the modification value is visible during the measurements),
  • remotely add new varieties with special codes,
  • fully adjust the display settings,
  • set the automatic device shutdown time,
  • manage external probes (adding, editing, deleting),
  • manage device memory (free space, formatting, setting date and time),
  • select a language,
  • change the temperature scale,
  • many other useful features that are not restricted in any way.


No matter where the device is used, such as in a smoking room, in transport, in a production plant or in a coffee shop. The shock-resistant ABS-solid housing metal components and specially reinforced, non-breakable nut always  guarantee maximum durability under all operating conditions.

Firmware update


There is a firmware update available (for devices with firmware older than V: 1.39) improving system stability and security of your moisture meter.

Check the firmware version of your TG Pro coffee&cocoa and update it for free here.


Available species and measuring ranges:

  • Cocoa 4% – 20%
  • Green Coffee Arabica 8% – 30%
  • Green Coffee Robusta 8% – 30%
  • Parchment coffee Arabica 8% – 39%
  • Dry coffee cherry 6% – 21%
  • Coffee Arabica coarsely milled 2% – 10,5%
  • Coffee Arabica finely milled 2% – 9,5%
  • Coffee Robusta coarsely milled 2% – 11,5%
  • Coffee Robusta finely milled 2,5% – 8,5%
  • Roasted coffee Arabica 2% – 9,5%
  • Roasted coffee Robusta 2% – 9%


Activation of new varieties in TG pro coffee & cocoa pro with the the “Add species” option in the device menu (without the need to service the device).

To enable a new variety, please contact us for a special code. If no variety is found in the list, we can create a new calibration.


The kit includes:

  • DRAMIŃSKI TG pro coffee & cocoa moisture meter,
  • test chamber clamping nut (with mounted 3V CR-2032 battery),
  • carry case,
  • carrying strap for the case,
  • 4x AA, 1,5V alkaline batteries,
  • a rubber cover for the mini USB port,
  • USB cable for communication with a computer,
  • transport packaging,
  • professional user manual.



We grant 3-year warranty for our moisture testers.

Invest in a high-tech moisture meter! Measure green coffee Moisture Content (MC). Portable tool for farmers, green graders and roasters. Why choose DRAMINSKI TwistGrain pro? the decision is easier than ever before  

COMFORT AND SAFETY As the manufacturer, we offer our moisture meter with a 3-year warranty. Before sending to the client, each device is checked for quality of the manufacturing process and correct measurements. Our Service Unit will do their best to repair and check your device as soon as possible from the delivery date. In cases with a more complex repair process, whenever possible. 

Our company is certified with two rigorous Quality Management Systems:  ISO 9001 & 13485, which proves our professionalism and the highest quality of our products. 

TWO OPERATIONAL MODES TO CHOOSE The moisture meter has two operational modes that are tailored to the needs of a user and can be easily changed on the menu: 

Basic – for a quick and accurate moisture measurement (intuitive and very convenient handling, even for non-experienced users). Advanced – activates many additional functionalities that will be appreciated even by the most demanding clients. This mode allows for recoding the moisture and temperature measurements with date and hours, data transfer to the PC, temperature measurements with an external temperature probe and many other options. 

ACCURATE MEASUREMENT Four frequencies ensure that the measurement is steadier and its result is less susceptible to unusual samples, the risk of blips is lower and the repeatability is high. You can quickly measure the moisture of grain with an accuracy of ±0.5% for normalized grain. Grain temperature is also an important factor for moisture measurements and TwistGrain pro is thus equipped with a digital temperature sensor (built in the measuring chamber) to ensure a very accurate measurement (accuracy: ±0.5°C). TwistGrain pro has an automatic temperature compensation mode. Importantly, DRAMINSKI S.A. devices do not require periodical calibration service checks. 

CORRECT SAMPLE PREPARATION You can fill the measuring chamber without any additional tools or special medium. Simply, grasp some grain with the device, push away any excess towards the edge of the chamber and tighten the cap. When screwing the cap, the acoustic signal will indicate that the grain sample is adequately squeezed. Since keeping the device comfortably in your hands (tightening the cap does not require using much force) it is not tiring even after many measurements. 

RESULTS ARE EASY TO READ A large graphic and LED- illuminated display allows reading the result in any conditions (field/warehouse, full sun/night). The menu enables the user to adjust the display settings: illumination time, illumination intensity and contrast. 

RESULTS ARE RECORDED AND STORED The TwistGrain pro device is equipped with the real time clock, which, together with huge data storage capacity, allows recording 50,000 moisture measurements and temperature measurements from the external probe (records with date and hour). The data storage mode covers up to 400 species and 20 language versions and makes the device a very useful and universal tool for each farmer, expert, drying room operator, gardener, barista or entrepreneur for the food and agriculture industry.

The software generates Excel sheets and measurement reports (by species and by measurement date), presents the moisture changes in time on the graphs, filters the results by date, allows browsing the stored data, has archiving functionality limited only by the hard disc capacity, saves the documents as PDFs, prints, and has many other useful functions.