V60-02 Paper Filter Misarashi (VCF-02 -100MK)

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Brand: Hario
EAN/GTIN/barcode: 4977642723818
Color: Brown
Material: Paper
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: VCF-02 -100MK

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100 Hario V60-02 filters designed for conical coffee drippers. This is the version of brown filters - made from 100% unbleached paper pulp, providing great water flow and not compromising the flavour of the brew. 

To get the best taste from your papers... 

Rinse the filter paper with boiling water before use. This will minimise any paper taste getting through to the end brew and allow the coffee to filter through easier. Also, play around with recipes.  

If you need some help here, you can check out our exclusive Hario V60 brew guides which we put together with some globally recognised coffee experts! If you're wondering what "Misarashi" means... ...it simply translates from Japanese as “unbleached” or “undyed” 

Product Description 

Hario drippers allow you to brew perfect coffee only with proper filters - here they are! 

Size: Hario V60-02 

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Package:100 pieces