Hario Water Dripper Wood Cold Brew - 2000ml

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Brand: Hario
EAN: 2000ml

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The device which allows for smooth light-tasting coffee. Hario Water Dripper "brews" coffee drop by drop for about 8 hours (to fill the entire vessel). Thus prepared coffee is characterized by low acidity and it is more gentle on the stomach. main-content row product-list-row You can keep such coffee in the fridge and drink as iced coffee or heat it to get your morning coffee of low acidity. Two metal taps allow for control and regulation of the extraction, setting the two taps separately, you can experiment with the same coffee at the same time or prepare two types of coffee at a time. Coffee flows into two glass carafes. It is suitable to prepare about 15-16 cups of coffee. Capacity: 2l hidden-phone Product attributes EAN13: 4977642163232 Brand: Hario Capacity: 2 l