Willie's Cacao - Praline Truffles White Chocolate with Matcha 35g

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    A box full of delicious green tea pralines with a liquid center. Elegant and flavourful gift idea! Product description A well-combined composition of sweet and salty flavours, containing only natural ingredients. White chocolate cocoa solids: 38% minimum. Ingredients: Cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, MILK POWDER, honey, ALMOND, matcha 3%, ALMOND oil, rice flour. Product attributes Expiration date: Brand: Willie's Cacao Ingrdeients:‎ ‎Unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter, MILK POWDER, honey, rice flour, ALMONDS, ALMOND oil, matcha 3%. Contains nuts and milk.‎ Allergens:‎‎Nuts, milk‎ Energy value (100g):‎ 2400kJ / 576kcal< Fat (100g):‎ 40,4g ‎Of which saturated fatty acids (100g):‎ Carbohydrates (100g):‎ 42,2g sugars (100g):‎ 39,2g ‎Protein (100g):‎ 9,9g ‎Salt (100g):‎ 0,3g