XLVI Steamhammer 1 group espresso machine

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    Also available in 2 and 3 group models. Fully customizable professional espresso machine, hand-built in Italy. With your machine you get lots a freebies: Installation by XLVI Nederland (ask us about the details) Barista training by Wouter Brunia, the Coffee Nose Tamper Tamper mat Knockbox Cleaning brush Espresso cleaner & milk cleaner Professional water measurement and filtration advice etc. Total value €500 "https://wb.coffee/wp-content/uploads/Folder-STEAMHAMMER-2019.pdf" Folder STEAMHAMMER 2019 Experience, before anything else. "https://schema.org/CreativeWork" An artisanal workshop where unique coffee machines with standout design are created with innovation, passion and individuality. Equipment devised to stand the test of time, offering solid performance and freedom to invent. Every "https://www.xlvi.it/en/xlvi/" XLVI stands out for its design and for the consistency of hardwearing, eye-catching materials like steel, copper and brass. No plastic. Just prime-quality components put together with sartorial precision. Aesthetics and solid quality stand out at first glance, together with essential and practical use at first touch. And that experience can be felt as soon as the machine is switched on and put to the test. It becomes a major part of the everyday, a feature element of the premises, and a trusted companion for many, many years.