Yemen - Senan Abdullah Al-Khoulani - Natural 200gr

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Country: Yemen
Processing: Natural
Package: 200gr

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Yemeni coffee is known for it's complex and unique flavors. This lot has notes of medium dark chocolate, orange, spices, roses and tastes great as filter and espresso. Senan is a former army officer who was forced to retire in 2014 due to political instability. He move back to his village and focused on cultivating coffee. He supports his wife and 4 children as well 10 indirect family members. This season he contributed 1342.85 kgs of red cherries. Located within the Ibb Governorate, Al – Qafr region is home to 321 farmers. The coffee here is grown between 1700 - 2100 masl with temperatures ranging as high as 25o C and as low as 9o C. This region has a longer sun exposure of around 8 hours creating a sweeter taste profile.Natural Yemen / Ibb / Al-Qafr / Shaia’an >1900 meters Typica Dawairy Organic (non certified) nano lot 100 kg Senan Farmer Cards sabcomeed Why do Yemeni beans cost more? 200 grams roasted coffee beans (whole beans) every order will be freshly roasted