Clever Dripper - Glass 500ml Transluscent Gray

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Brand: Clever
EAN: 4715838469207
Color: Gray
Material: Glass

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  Clever Dripper is a coffee maker made of glass and tritan that combines the features of a dripper and a French Press. It differs from the classic dripper by the mechanism that allows you to control the brewing time. Clever Dripper is easy to use, and at the same time offers many ways to experiment with the brewing process, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners as well as more advanced home baristas.

Product Description

Preparing coffee with the Clever Dripper takes just a few simple steps: placing a paper filter in it and pouring it over with water, adding ground coffee, pouring hot water, waiting 2-3 minutes and placing the dripper on a mug or server. Clever Dripper is universal - depending on your preferences, you can prepare coffee effortlessly, by just pouring water once and leaving it to brew, or pay more attention to details and adjust your recipe. L size Clever Dripper has a capacity of 500ml, which allows you to prepare coffee for 1-2 people.

Coffee brewed with Clever Dripper has an intense flavour and full texture like coffee from French Press, and at the same time the brew is clean, free of coffee particles thanks to the use of a paper filter. In addition, when using Clever Dripper, you decide how long to brew coffee. This is possible thanks to the Amazing Shut-off System, which dispenses coffee from the dripper only after placing it on the vessel.

Clever Dripper's brewing chamber is made of glass and other parts of tritan (Eastman Tritan) - a durable, heat-resistant and food-safe copolyester. The ergonomic handle allows you to safely carry the dripper with hot contents. Apart from the dripper, the set also includes a lid that helps maintain the brewing temperature, a dripper coaster, a scoop and a pack of 5 paper filters. Clever Dripper is also compatible with Melitta #4 filters.

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