Simply Hario - Glass Tea Maker 400ml

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Brand: Hario
EAN: 4977642151390
Size: 400ml
Material: Glass
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: S-GTM-40-T

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The top of this tea maker doubles as a filter so you can pour your tea without removing the lid.

The perfectly clear body showcases the color of your tea as a part of its design. The filter is built into the spout, reducing the number of parts to make cleaning a breeze. The maker is slim and compact, so it can be poured with one hand and is easy to store. Try adding your favorite fruits for a refreshing twist on your tea.

SIZE:    W124 × D82 × H158mm
CAPACITY:    Practical capacity 400ml
WEIGHT:    (incl.individual box)approx.300g
Filter with spout:     PCT resin
Packing:     Silicone rubber
Pot:    Heatproof glass
Filter with spout:     MADE IN JAPAN
Packing:     MADE IN VIETNAM