AeroPress - Flow Control Filter Cap

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Brand: Aeropress
EAN: 085276081892
Color: Black
Material: Rubber
Made in: USA

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The Flow Control Filter Cap is an extra attachment for the AeroPress coffee maker. It prevents coffee from dripping, allows you to create espresso-like crema and experiment with coarser-ground coffee.

Product Description

COMPLETE BREW CONTROL - Attach the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap to your AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go or AeroPress Clear coffee maker to stop drip through which allows you to extend brew time and use coarser-ground coffee like pre-ground medium.

ESPRESSO-STYLE CREMA -  When used with a paper filter and dark roast coffee, the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap uses a build up of pressure to create an espresso like crema.

FILTER FLEXIBILITY - The AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap can be used with the AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter or AeroPress Paper Micro-Filters (or even both at once) to create a variety of delicious flavor profiles. (Filters sold separately)

COFFEE PRESS FLEXIBILITY - Compatible with AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go and AeroPress Clear. Not compatible with AeroPress XL coffee maker.(Coffee press not included.)

Made in USA.

*Paper or metal filters are not included. AeroPress and glass shown in the picture are not a part of the set.

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Brand:AeroPress, Inc.