Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton N (2024)

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Brand: Hario
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: MSCN-2-B-EU
Made in: Japan
EAN: 4977642708358

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The Skerton N is a new version of one of Hario's most popular grinder models. It features a redesigned glass jar. The Skerton N is a manual grinder with a ceramic burr. It offers consistent grinding, adjustable grind size, and compact size. It's an excellent choice for those starting their journey with pour-over coffee brewing methods.


The conical ceramic burrs ensure even grinding, without affecting the coffee's flavour, and are resistant to wear. This makes the Skerton N grinder a choice for years to come. Adjusting the grind size is very easy - simply loosen the handle and select the desired grind size using the dial.

The bottom container is made of glass and features a non-slip rubber band for better stability and protection when placed on a hard surface. The cover seals tightly to preserve freshly ground coffee. The Hario Skerton N manual grinder can be disassembled in seconds and cleaned by rinsing with warm water.

The Skerton N allows you to grind several servings of coffee at a time. The upper container holds about 70g of beans, while the lower one holds 100g.

Ideal as a gift when paired with an AeroPress, French Press, or any drip-style brewing method.

Product attributes

Grinder type:manual
Burr type:ceramic
Height:21 cm

COLOR: Black
SIZE: W173 × D96 × H210mm
CAPACITY: approx. 100g Coffee Beans
WEIGHT (incl.individual box): approx. 600g
    Glass bowl / Heatproof glass
    Lid, Main body (Hopper), Grip / Polypropylene
    Burr / Ceramic
    Handle / Stainless steel
    Non-slip cover, Hopper lid / Silicone rubber
MADE IN: China

SPECIFICATIONS: Dishwasher save (glass only)

  • Weight:0.60kg
  • Length:103.00mm
  • Width:102.00mm
  • Height:215.00mm