Rhino Pitcher Rinser Spinjet Install Kit

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Brand: Rhino Coffee Gear
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: RINSER_INSTALLKIT

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Here is a nice easy kit for installing your Rhino Pitcher and Blender Rinsers* 

Includes everything you may need to connect to mains water and drainage. 

Kit Includes: 

2 meters of John Guest Tubing, 3/8" Blue 

1 x John Guest Female Adaptor 3/8 PF x 3/4 F BSP (Flat Face Seal) 

- For washing machine style taps. 

1 x John Guest Female Tap Adaptor 3/8 PF x 1/2 BSP Female 

- For standard tap fittings 

1 x John Guest Shut Off Valve 3/8 PF x 3/8 PF 

1 x Waste Hose 1.5 Metre 

1 x Waste Hose clamp (Mild Steel, zinc protected W1. recommended tightening torque 5.1Nm, maximum pressure 102PSI/7 BAR. Fastening: 7mm A/F Screw check johnguest.com for full details and technical information about the JG products. 

* Won't work with Bench Station or Rhino Square Recessed Pitcher Rinser.