Hario paper filters - V60-02 - 100 pieces

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Brand: Hario
EAN: 4977642728776
Color: White
Package: 100 pcs
Material: Paper
Certification: FSC paper
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: VCF-02-100WK

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100 conical paper coffee filters for Hario V60-02 dripper.

  • Made from oxygen bleached paper pulp.
  • Size compatible with Hario V60-02 drippers.
  • These filters provide proper water flow allowing you to produce clean and flavourful brew.
  • Made in Japan.

Tips from the CoffeeNose: 

Use the 01 paper filter in the 02 dripper and the 02 paper filter in the 03 dripper. This way the paper doesn't stick out and the heat in the brew bed gets better retained.

Always rinse the paper filter with hot water before putting your ground coffee in the brewer and start brewing. Rinsing with hot water will remove most of the paper flavor the filter releases and also pre-heats your brewer so the temperature in the brew bed will be higher and more stable: #extractmorewiththecoffeenose

Be mindfull about your water and energy use. No need to overdo it and placing your brewing device on top of your kettle (where the lid would otherswise sit) does a great job at pre-heating your V60.