Moccamaster Coffee Machine KBG Select Apricot

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Brand: Moccamaster
EAN: 8712072539945
Color: Apricot
Material: metal, Plastic
Power: 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
Manufacturer Part Number / SKU: 53994

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Moccamaster has been the market leader in brewing the best cup of coffee since 1968. Coffee has never tasted so good as with Moccamaster's filter coffee maker. It is not for nothing that Moccamaster has been awarded internationally as the best coffee maker for years by experts from the European Coffee Brewing Center and the Specialty Coffee Association as a top brand. The KBG Select is the perfect device for making 4 to 10 cups of coffee. If you make less coffee, we recommend the Moccamaster Cup-one.

The unique taste experience of Moccamaster
The secret behind a perfect cup of coffee is the temperature at which the coffee is prepared. Moccamaster's copper heating element is unique and ensures an optimal brewing temperature between 92 and 96° C. Why is this temperature optimal? If coffee is brewed too cold, the coffee tastes sour. If the coffee is brewed too hot, coffee tastes bitter. Moccamaster finds the perfect balance and prepares the coffee at the right temperature, so you drink the best cup of coffee.

The advantages:
• Fast: a full pot of coffee in 6 minutes
• Hot coffee: perfect brewing temperature of 92-96° C
• Ingenious: Select selector switch for optimal flavour with a full or half-full pot of coffee.
• Intelligent: the hot plate keeps the coffee at 80-85° C
• Fireproof: switches off automatically after 40 minutes
• Iconic design and available in many colors
• Handmade in the Netherlands and use of high-quality materials
• Durable: long lifespan and repairable 5-year warranty and all parts are available separately.
• Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

Select selector:
Using the Select selector, you can easily choose a full or semi-skimmed cup of coffee, while maintaining optimal flavor. In the half-pot setting, the flow time is delayed. This gives the water enough time to use the full flavour and aromas of the coffee, just like a full pot. This makes the KBG Select ideal for both a full pot of coffee and a few cups.

filter coffee maker keeps the pot of coffee hot at 80-85° C. This allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee for an extra long time. The hot plate switches itself off after 40 minutes by default, which keeps the coffee maker fireproof.

Moccamaster's coffee maker is made with high-quality materials so that your coffee maker will last as long as possible. To ensure the quality of the drip coffee makers, Moccamaster offers a 5-year warranty on each appliance. This way, you can enjoy perfectly brewed coffee and the beautiful design for even longer.  

What's in the box: 

• Filter coffee maker
• Glass jug
• Filter holder
• Filter holder
lid • Water tank lid
• Overflow pipe
• Measuring spoon
• Instructions for
use • 3 filter bags No. 4 filters 

Features: Size: H 36 cm, W 32 cm, D 17 cm • Cord length: 100 cm • Weight: 2.8 kg • Power: 1,520 W* • Voltage: 220-240 V • Hertz: 50/60 Hz • Plug: Type E / F • Coffee filter: Size No.4 • Material: Metal / Plastic (BPA/BPS/BPF & Phthalate Free) • Volume: 1.25 L • Certificates: ECBC & SCA approved • Warranty: 5 years *Power up to 1,520 W (Heating element 1,450 W, switches off as soon as The water has run through. Then 25 - 70 W for the hot plate for 40 minutes) 

Functionalities: • Bottom with anti-slip • Selector switch for perfect cooking (full/half-full) • Anti-drip mechanism  • Water level indicator • Automatic shut-off after 40 min.