Rhino Spinjet Pitcher Rinser Actuator Star

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Brand: Rhino Coffee Gear
Material: SS

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The Rhino Spinjet Valve Service Gasket Kit has been designed for routine maintenance and gasket replacement on the Rhino Coffee Gear Spinjet Rinser and Valve Set. Contains: 1 x Spring, 1x Piston Gasket, 3 x Mechanism O-rings Please note: This gasket kit is suitable for replacing gaskets in the RHPR600-S, RHSPINSET and EP_RINSERKIT1. Not suitable for the RHPR300 or RHPR600. http://www.rhinocoffeegear.com/attachments/RHPR-Replacing-O-Rings-Instructions-Spinjet.pdf Click here for the Instructions on How to Replace the O-Rings How to fix the o-ring to the activation piston. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h4iFHoGBvI&feature=youtu.be